Top Hair Colouring Tips Every Girl Should Know

Most of the girls prefer dying their hair at home simply because they want to save a few dollars going to the saloon or they just want to experiment with their hair. However, you know too well that your hair is your crowning glory, so aside from the fact that you always keep it clean, you should also make sure that you properly dye your hair at home. Here are the top hair colouring tips every girl should know:


Be realistic

First things first, you should be realistic in expected results especially that you are just dying yourself at home by yourself. One of the most common mistakes of women is they think that they could dye their hair from strawberry blonde to red platinum in an instant. If you wanted to go extreme, there are several processes that you have to get through first to avoid causing damage to your hair. For extreme hair colours, it is highly advisable that you see a professional to handle it but if you want to do it by yourself, then make sure that you know what exactly to do by conducting research and choosing the right hair dye.


Make sure you have enough dye

As much as possible, you should buy at least two boxes of hair colour because it could ruin your look if you didn’t notice that you’ve already run out of the dye and you’ve only applied it to, say like half of your hair only. Make sure that you will be able to cover your entire head, and estimate the thickness of your hair because there are some who requires 3 boxes of hair dye to cover up their entire head.

Conduct the strand test

To make sure that you will be able to achieve what you desire, you should conduct the strand test most especially if you are planning to try on a new shade of colour. You can trim your hair and then test the dye on it. After several minutes you will be able to see the result and see if it suits you the best. The last thing that you want to have is your hair colour blending with purple and orange which is not that pleasing to the eyes.


Wear oversized clothes or not

There are some testers who tend to wear oversized clothes to ensure that they don’t accidentally dye their favourite shirt and also to make it easier for them in rinsing their hair with water. Aside from that, most of them commit to the fact that they tend to go naked when they are dying their hair so that they can step into the bath, rinse their hair, and have a nice shower in the process before they see the result. Also, make sure that there are old newspapers around or garbage bags perhaps that you can use so that you will not end up messing up your room.


Gather your materials

There isn’t much that you need in dying your hair but it is important that you don’t go running into your bedroom looking for the brush that you are going to use and then going back outside to continue dying your hair. There are some instances where the hair colour results in a different shade if you leave it for too long or too short. Make sure that all of your materials are just there by your side in case you need it to complete the process hassle-free and smoothly.